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Home Buyers Ask How Much Should I Offer?

Main Line Pa Chester County Home Buyers Ask How Much Should I Offer?

Location Condition Price Marketing MainLinePaToday Real Estate Compass For Success

Real Estate Buyers and Real Estate Sellers need a strong compass to guide them through today’s real estate market to smooth sailing and a successful settlement day.  Two questions a buyer should ask? Is the property priced right or priced too high? How did the Sellers price their home?

Sellers may have listened to a real estate agent who over-valued the property in order to gain the listing. Commonly called “Buying the Listing”. It’s understandable that Sellers want the best price but it’s a common misunderstanding that a Realtor determines the price.  The marketplace will always determine the price!

Buyers, Sellers and professional Realtor’s® will factor all 4 Major Points on the Pricing Compass: Location, Condition, Pricing and Marketing. The location is a factor that Read the rest of this entry »

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10 Ways Happy Home Buyers Plan To Buy

Buyers Who Plan To Buy and The Realtors® Who Love Them!

Judy Peterson Accredited Buyer Agent Home Buyers Plan To Buy for Main Line Chester County Pa

I’ve been helping Main Line Chester County Home Buyers Plan to Buy since 1992. One thing I know for sure, my happiest Buyers have a Home Buyers Plan To Buy.  A Home Buyers Plan to Buy ensures your home purchase will be a great home, a good investment, and will save you time, money and aggravation.

I’m a Realtor® and an Accredited Buyer Agent. My style is to work with Buyers as a Real Estate “Consultant”. What’s the difference? A Real Estate Consulting relationship is an ongoing relationship that focuses on YOU! I frequently get calls from Buyers who say something like, “We saw this house and we’d like to go see it today”. We can do that, but…

If there are 10 Steps To Buying A Property, that’s like starting with Step #9, or “putting the cart before the horse”as they say. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Real Estate Sky Is Not Falling!

The Real Estate Sky Is Not Falling In Chester County Pennsylvania!

Chicken Little and Foxy Loxy Go Home!MainLinePaToday Trend First Quarter 2008 Economic Market Watch Report

The Real Estate Sky Is not falling here in Chester County Pennsylvania. I’m keenly aware of the disconnect between the National News and the reality of the Local Real Estate Market. Every day, a buyer, seller or fellow Realtor shares a “sky is falling” story. Realtors are not immune! Real estate tales abound with just as many stories as there are versions of the Chicken Little Tale.

Many buyers and sellers are “waiting”. Waiting, in the mistaken belief that something good will happen if we just “wait” long enough. There is no magic in waiting in Real Estate. Never was, never will be. You can’t win trying to time the real estate market. Your best interests will be served by knowing the facts and doing your homework. Read the rest of this entry »

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Apple or Twinkie?-Realtor® or Salesperson?

What’s the difference between an Apple and a Twinkie Or a Realtor® and a Salesperson?

One’s good for you, the other – not so much!Buyers and Sellers Main Line Pa and Chester County Pennsylvania Realtors

Not every Real Estate Agent is a Realtor®. Did you know that?

In Real Estate the difference between a Realtor® and a Salesperson is like the difference between an Apple and a Twinkie.

You don’t feel so good. You have a pain. You go to the Real Estate Doctor. You tell him that you want to sell and buy a house.

“What did you have for breakfast?”, he asks. You say, a Twinkie. “For Lunch”, he asks? You say, a Twinkie. “And Dinner?” You say, a Twinkie.

“Go home, take two aspirin and call a Realtor® in the morning”, is your real estate doctor’s advice.

Realtor Member of The National Association of Realtors Judy Peterson RealtorThe Realtor® Straight Scoop!

Ok, so that’s a little fanciful. But, here’s the straight scoop. Every salesperson is not a Realtor® with the trademark signifying that they are a member of The National Association of Realtors®. The major difference between a salesperson and a Realtor® is that a Realtor has taken an oath to subscribe to a stringent and enforceable Code of Ethics with Standards of Practice that promote fair, honest and ethical treatment of all parties in a transaction. Non-member licensees have taken no such oath, and are not morally bound by the ethical practices and principles set forth in the Realtors® Code of Ethics.

In short, you get what you pay for. It could be that what you get is limited services, a smorgasbord menu to pick from, nobody minding the store, old style “caveat emptor”, buyer beware real estate.

“Act in haste, or regret at leisure”, was part of my Grandmother’s wisdom. Take the time to do your homework. Ask the right questions before entering the real estate marketplace. Questions like, are you a Realtor? A member of the National Association of Reators®?

Any good Realtor® will be thrilled that you are an informed consumer showing that you know the difference between a salesperson and a Realtor…mmm…. probably best not to ask if they’re an apple or a Twinkie, though!

As your Realtor®, there are easily over 200 important services I and my Broker, Prudential Fox and Roach Realtors perform for my Clients at our Devon Home Marketing Center Corporate Headquarters. Selling faster and for more money? I can make it happen!

Now that’s a difference you can take to the bank.

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